David C Hall

My Projects


Sonis Suds Soap & More!

Sonis Suds Soap

An eCommerce soap shop featuring popups, integrated WooCommerce cart, customizable shipping options, automatic tax calculation, cookies notice, and floating social buttons.

Genesis Village

Genesis Village

Originally written in Ruby on Rails, I rewrote this site in HTML and then reformatted it into its own WordPress theme per the clients request.

Unity of Dayton Homepage

Unity of Dayton

Originally written with HTML and inline styles. I completely overhauled the site with WordPress to minimize the amount of elements.

Family Support Partners

Family Support Partners

Attractive, fully customized WordPress website. Features appointment booking and personalized contact form for each individual provider. Lots of info to help visitors understand what the business has to offer. Click to visit the demo.

Actors Theatre Fairborn

An eCommerce solution to sell theater tickets online in addition to a photo gallery, the Actors Theatre Fairborn website is showtime ready!

6635 Studebaker Homepage

6635 Studebaker - History in the baking

An eCommerce site that showcases a local bakery. This website had an order system with options to choose times for pickup.Sadly, this website is no longer in service.

Action Blacktop Homepage

action blacktop sealcoating

Absolute basic landing page built with HTML/CSS per clients request.

Apps & Fun Stuff

Tribute Page

Tribute Page

A tribute page to Mr. Rogers. A single page with subtle styling and a simple timeline highlighting the life of a television innovator who touched the lives of millions all over the world.

Survey Form

Sample Form

A sample form teaching how forms are created from simple HTML code. To reduce spam, this form does not function; it's an exercise in coding only.

Product Landing Page

Landing Page

A simple landing page for a fictional product. Contains a linked logo, interactive menu, embedded video, and a form to request more information. To eliminate spam, the form does not function.

Technical Page

technical document

An exercise in dividing a page into two separate, functional columns that scroll independently from one another. The information is accurate and referenced.

Random Quote Machine

random quote generator

A fun random quote generator using JavaScript. Check it out and tweet your favorite quote!

Markdown Previewer

Markdown previewer

Another exercise in using two separate columns independent of one another created with JavaScript. Try it out!

weather app screenshot

Simple Weather app

Simple weather app geolocates the user and displays the weather in the current location in Fahrenheit. Uses the skycon.js library.